At Project Lab, we work to improve educational experiences that empower kids and education. Our teaching goal is to enable students’ ability to self-learn and to foster creativity, problem-solving, and critical thinking capability.

In today's rapidly changing world, technology has become the core of our lives. At Project Lab, our mission is to bridge the understanding of the technologies that surround us through a STEM education approach. We focus on using robotics as a STEM teaching tool and we stress the importance of developing coding abilities for all students.

To that end, we have strived to bring STEM and robotics education into the classrooms by teaching and developing curriculum content. We even decided to create and engineer our own educational robot "Mojobot". Over 4 years we have taught at countless schools including over teaching over 6000+ students and teachers.

The Mojobot project is something we are proud of. Seeing the lack of an offline robotics coding educational tool that really packs a punch, this led our team at Project Lab to embark on the journey to create our very own Mojobot!

So easy! Just place tags into console and press GO!

It's family time, get together and play with Mojobot.

Mojobot is an extendable tangible coding platform that lets kids code programs without the need for screens such as mobile phone or tablet devices. With a cute and engaging personality, Mojobot allows kids to explore sequences, actions, loops, sensor inputs and decision making in programs. This makes Mojobot an excellent tool for learning in classrooms. We have also provided for you an extensive curriculum of learning material with loads of activities that will keep kids engaged.

Mojobot teaches your kids about logic, science, technology and maths.

Mojobot is not only suitable for use as a teaching tool in schools. But also excellent for playing at home as a "developmental toy" for children aged 4 years or older. While children play with Mojobot, other skills such as understanding the direction, distance, logical thinking, problem-solving, decision making, vocabulary, and socializing skills will be developed through playing. For older kids get togther and challenge each other in open ended Mojobot board games to practise and advance coding skills.

To get more information or get Mojobot visit the Mojobot website (

The team at Project Lab has been working to support schools in STEM education. We develop wide educational contents and curriculums that focus on coding and technological skills. A lot of our focus is on using robotics as a teaching tool as it compasses design, engineering, coding and multiple technologies combined. Hence robotics is an excellent way of teaching STEM that allows children to get hands-on and experience the multidisciplinary nature of STEM.

Moreover, we provide a wide variety of STEM courses in subjects ranging from 3D printing, arduino electronics, scratch coding, python coding ,and mechanical design to name some.

See the many STEM curriculum and equipment we have to offer for your school.

We provide special tuition at Project Lab. If you want to be great at coding, robotics or engineering, we are here to help. We have specialized classes for anyone interested. Our approach is to implement personalized learning that is combined with project-based learning with lots of inputs from the learner. If you want to make a smartwatch, yes you can! If you want to code a game, yes you can! If you want to make a robot with computer vision, yes you can! Check out some of the courses to find out more information about what is best for you.

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